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word game


Sometimes the most crazy ideas can become powerful projects. Projects that can connect people from all around the world, sharing the same passion: Poster design.

Irwan Harnoko had the idea of connecting designers from different countries for a simple cause; meet each other and have fun by adding their name with their own personal style to the same poster.

The designers who were invited to participate, responded with enthusiasm, offering their precious time generously for make it happen.

In this first project we had the honour to cooperate with:
Irwan Harnoko - Indonesia
Keith Kitz - America
Lila Skanavi - Greece
Fang Cao - China
Аlexander Vasin ( Александр Васин ) - Rusia
Anna Kłos - Poland
Arcilla Fernando Arce - Peru
Jun Hyo - South Korea
Pepo Almonte - Mexico
Rrezeart Galica - Kosovo
Rezå Zavarii - Iran
Deniz Kürşad - Turkey
Meghdad Shirali - Iran
Özlem Uyan - Turkey
Fernando Díaz - Uruguay
Antoine Simon BecomeDesign - France
Mario Fuentes - Ecuador
月星 (Shi) - Thailand
Trí Shiba - Vietnam
Shreyas Belsare - India

Cao Fang have given a good title for this project: Word game

NEW LOGO WGD 2019 web 2.jpg
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