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BYOUNG IL SUN | Poster Exhibition | 1 - 14 Apr 2019 | Pradita Institute | Indonesia

Introduce International Standard Work Through TYPOEXPO 2019 Exhibition with Byoung Il Sun Realizing Summarecon's mission to advance education, Pradita Institute, which is under the auspices of PT Summarecon's large umbrella, continues to provide learning opportunities for its students. Not only with local teachers, but also the introduction of learning through experts with international level. This is motivated by the vision of Pradita Institute, which wants to provide a global insight into teaching and learning activities for its students. One of the study programs that consistently introduces international experts is the study program of Visual Communication Design (DKV) and Interior Design (DI). In DKV and DI study programs, students are given the opportunity to learn to hold international collaboration with knowledge sharing. It is intended that DKV and DI students can see a work from the point of view of foreign designers.

"Through Worldwide Graphic Designers (WGD) which has links to world designers, this time DKV and DI Pradita Institute introduced Byoung Il Sun, a world graphic designer and professor from Korea. Being a professor of Visual Communication Design at one of the universities in Korea since 1995, the work of Byoung Il Sun has been exhibited at various prestigious exhibitions and won awards in several countries ", explained Irwan Harnoko, founder of Worldwide Graphic Designers. In collaboration with Byoung Il Sun, DKV study programs and DI Pradita Institute hold International class design lectures taught by Byoung Il Sun online. On this occasion, students can interact directly with Byoung Il Sun who was packaged in a social communication workshop that carries 5 themes; war, sickness and poverty, natural disaster, environment, and human rights. Through real experience learning with Byoung Il Sun, this workshop produced 18 posters from DKV study programs and 12 posters from DI study programs, which will be exhibited along with 40 Byoung Il Sun works and 50 WGD works themed Family Evolution in the 2019 Downtown Walk Festival event at Summarecon Mall Serpong.

"Pradita Institute helps students to continue to develop themselves through direct experience with the best designers in their fields. This is done to introduce DKV study programs and DI Pradita Institute to the mechanism of thinking and working of a professional designer. It is hoped that with this kind of activity, it can instill the enthusiasm and confidence of the students of DKV and DI Pradita study programs to be able to compete in the international arena, "explained James Darmawan as Chair of DKV and DI Pradita Institute.

This event was opened by Mss. Park Jin-Young; as the Public Information Officer of the Korean-Indonesian Embassy, ​​Mr. Soegianto Nagaria; as Director of Summarecon, and Professor Harianto Harjasaputra; as the academic representative of the Pradita institute on April 1, 2019, while the TYPOEXPO 2019 exhibition itself runs until April 14, 2019, at the Ground Floor, Summarecon Mall Serpong, Tangerang.

Written by: James Darmawan

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