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Pepo Almonte

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Pepo Almonte Born in Durango, México it’s a multidisciplanary designer, have a bachelor's degree in graphic design and a postgraduate degree in Science and Arts for Design where he won the Academic Merit Medal. As a designer he has more than twenty-five years of practice; his posters have been exhibited in more than sixty collections around the world and he was included along with several design legends in the Richter 83 collection, which presents designers from all over the world considered by the Adfesta group in Iran as a sample of the work that is switching to Graphic Design, he is the third place winner in the Second International Contest of Theater Poster in Irkutsk, with the poster La Voz Humana. For 22 years he has been a university professor, is an independent researcher on Media Ecology topics on which he has given lectures and workshops in various cities of the country. He is the creator of I LOVE DESIGN DGO, a page in joint social networks with more than eight thousand participants from more than thirty countries that disseminates design content and organizes the monumental poster projection to celebrate World Design Day. As an academic, he designs online content for different universities and writes weekly the Poster Monday on the international Poster Poster blog.

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