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HODA YAZDANI, is a Graphic Designer, Artist, Branding professional, and Logo design specialist from Perth, Australia. For over 15 years, she has been focusing on consultancy and design for many projects and various industries globally. As a member of Australia Graphic Design Association, she has been also involved in various national art exhibitions. 


Hoda is a founder of Lotus Advertising, a worldwide design group focusing on making visual identity from logo design to 3D animation and filming. Also, she has been a senior graphic designer and manager for design agencies in her career in Iran. She has been coordinated multiple poster exhibitions and social events in Australia and internationally. Coordination of the serious of events for psychology books' collection in Australia and coaching for WGD Facebook page in 2019 are some of those.


Hoda has been awarded and invited to participate in various international poster exhibitions listed below

•  The Historic city of Bardejov fairs, Slovakia, 2019

•  The exhibition of political posters, Poland, 2019

•  Racing Culture Exhibition, China, 2019

•  Certificate of participation poster, Indonesia, 2019 

•  Selected Design in National Outfit Poster Festival, China, 2018 

•  Xiamen International Poster Exhibition, China, 2018

•  Beijing Dinagyang festival, China, 2018

•  International Poster Exhibition beyond South Korea's Salih, South Korea, 2018

•  Poster presentation the American Cultural Center in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2018

•  South Korea Poster International Exhibition, South Korea, 2018 

•  International Desertification Poster Exhibition, Center of Penn Wharton of China, 2018

•  Ecuadorian International Exhibition, Ecuador, 2018

•  The International Exhibition of Poster Le Feng, China, 2018

•  International Poster Exhibition of China Towers, China 2018

•  International Theater’s Poster, Russia, 2018

•  International Poster Exhibition, Environmental Category, Peru, 2018

•  GMO Poster International Exhibition, China, 2018

•  International Posters Exhibition 1911. China, 2018

•  Congratulation Poster Design for new Indonesian presidency, Indoneia,2019

•  South Korea Independence Poster Exhibition, South Korea, 2018

•  Australian Consciousness Symposium, Australian 2017

•  Lombok Poster Exhibition WGD, Indonesia, 2017

•  Light Festival Exhibition, Iran, 2017

•  GOHAR Jewelry Poster Exhibition, Iran, 2017 

•  Independence Artists’ Poster Exhibition, Korea, 2017

•  Australia's 2016 Australian Visual Arts Director and Visual Identity



Facebook/ Instagram: @lotusadvertising

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