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Hitoshi Miura

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Member of

Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.

Daido University,Visiting Associate Professor.

2018 Iran Nezare Arts and Cultural Festival Judge






Born in Nagoya, Japan in 1995, lives and lives in Japan.

In 2000, entered Kyoto University of Art and Design. After three years of voluntary withdrawal, no degree.


I received nomination of work exhibition in The Art of Mickey Mouse exhibition from the Walt Disney production as a Japanese artist in 1999.

In 2019, he became the finalist of the Cusco International Poster Exhibition Competition and was named a World Posterist.

In 2020, he was selected for one of the best 100 in a poster competition commemorating the centenary of Russia's UNOVIS.




1. 1st International Poster Triennial in Moscow[The First Grade]1992.

2. International Print Triennial '94-Cracow[Honorary distinction]1994.

3. 3-Dimensional Illustrators Awards Show(New York,USA)

   [Best of Show Award]1997. Gold,Silver and Bronze Award.

4. Asia Digital Art Award [Win the Prize]2007,2014.

5. Peru International Poster Biennale[winner]2019.



Selected in a competitions

New York Art Directors Club International Exhibition(1992,1993)

Results of the 3rd Chaumont Poster Festival(1992)

International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico(1992,1994)

5th Lahati Poster Biennial(1993)

International Poster Biennial in Warsaw(1994,1998)

16th Biennial of Graphic Design of Brno(1994)

International Poster Triennial in Toyama(1994,1997)

International Poster Biennial in Finland(1995,1997)

13th International Biennial of Humor and Satire in the Arts Gabrovo(1997)

Society of Illustrators Annual Book International Category(1995-1998)

International Salon of the Poster ICOGRADA-UNESCO Sponsorship


Solo exhibition abroad

HITOSHI + hitoshi Illustration Exhibition (Indonesia, 2020)

Hitoshi Miura Poster Exhibition (Poland V-ART Virtual Gallery, 2020)


Invitation exhibition


Shut up! Voice of democracy in danger in Ukraine(2018)

China Printing Design Biennial-100 posters invitation Exhibition(2018)

Tribute exhibition to Edward Gorey in Mexico(2019)

The city of world heritage, Bardejov city in Slovakia(2019)

Chinese Design Exhibition of Patterns in China(2019)

Poster action “Mankind's Fragile Heritage” in Russia(2019)

Ink Art & Pattern the Special Works Exhibition of International Design in China(2019)

Emirates International Poster Festival(2019)

Hebei in World’s View International Poster Show in China(2019)

Jiangnan Context International Poster Invitation Exhibition in China(2019)

Poster For Isfahan in Iran(2019)

DIGNAVIDAD International Invitational Exhibition in Ecuador(2019)

Tinta-de-Reserva-2 in Mexico(2019)

Support poster for a huge earthquake in Albania(2019)

International Poster Biennial in Mexico(2019)

Zero Corruption Poster Exhibition 4th BLOCK82020)

UnOVIS in the 21st century International Poster contest in Russia(2020)

International poster exhibition to fight the new coronavirus in China(2020)

International Comonweal poster Design Invitational Exhibition in China(2020)

The Fight against Childhood Cancer in Mexico(2020)

UN “Zero Discrimination Day”International Poster Design Exhibition in China(2020)

VIRUS IS OVER- Taiwan Global Anti-Virus Graphic Design Exhibition in Taiwan(2020)

World Book Day" International Public Welfare Poster Design Exhibition in China(2020)

Poster to celebrate the day of Graphic Design in Mexico(2020)

Posters for fighting and lifting up our spirit in Spain(2020)

Global consciousness virtual poster exhibition in Mexico(2020)

The Red Zone action contest in Russia(2020)


It has been collection

Moscow Central Museum. Poland Poznan Art Museum. Germany Hamburger Museum, and other.

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