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About Us

Worldwide Graphic Designers is a group founded in July 2016 by Irwan Harnoko and Lila Skanavi, following an idea of Irwan Harnoko.

The primary idea was to organize a project, a game with the names of the participants, which would act as a "chain" by bringing together graphic designers from different countries.


Considering the great resonance of our first venture, we decided to create a group through which we announce and present the projects to the team members.


From the presentation poster of every project, until the presentation of the final posters or the exhibition, everything is collaborative work between the members of our team.

The purpose of the group is to create projects that combine different cultures, views and ideas. That is why the main precondition for the participants is cooperation. Members, recognized designers in their countries, are invited to create posters, in collaboration with each other, aimed at awakening, raising awareness and social concern.

At the same time, thanks to modern technology, we manage to communicate through design, regardless of our language or beliefs and we prove that there are no borders in the design!

The team curates the poster exhibitions of the projects in various countries. Since Worldwide Graphic Designers has no financial resources, we are open to any proposal for a poster exhibition anywhere in the world.

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Irwan Harnoko

Irwan is a graduate of design and fine arts at Trisakti University, where he received a Master's degree at the same University. Irwan is a graphic designer, and also an academic teacher. He has held exhibitions and design events, but has also been a jury and participated in various prestigious poster exhibitions, both in Indonesia and abroad (especially in China, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and Iran). Irwan is the founder of the Worldwide Graphic Designers community which has held exhibitions in four countries: Greece, Cyprus, Iran and Indonesia, he is also founder of the Type Unite community (Members consist of several universities, from within and outside the country: Indonesia, USA, Poland, China, Denmark, Turkey, Ecuador, Mexico, United Arab Emirates Emirates and Korean Sout). Currently he works at Pradita Institute (Tangerang - Indonesia). Associate professor, especially in the field of Typography.

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Co Founder


She is a Greek graphic designer born in Thessaloniki at 15th of July, 1972. She has been working as a graphic designer since 1990 and her works include branding, business identities and catalogue covers. She also became interested in social design after participating at Poster for tomorrow "Democracy Cafe" workshop. Since July 2016 along with Irwan Harnoko,  she is the co-founder of Worldwide Graphic Designers group aiming to connect designers from all around the world who share the passion of graphic design and poster design.

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