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Fabian Emmanuel

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Fabian Emmanuel, Graphic Designer from Puebla, México graduated from "Instituto de Estudios
Superiores en Arquitectura y Diseño A C." (B.U.A.P.) He has been intruded into the world of social,
ecological, combative and cultural poster, his work has been exhibited nationally and
internationally, he like making posters to support social causes to try and move consciences,
believes that design can be a change agent, you can get to achieve reflections and actions for our

His work has been selected at:
* The International Poster Triennial "4th Block" Ecoposter, Ukraine (2012, 2015).
* Strelka International Design Festiva, Russia (2014, 2016).
* The Voice of Peace Ukraine & Russia (2014).
* International Jazz Festival in the Ruins Gliwice, Poland, (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017).
* Asian Graphic Design Invitation Exhibition (AGDIE)” China (2014).
* Internationale Plakatausstellung Leipzig, Germany (2014).
* Nelson Mandela the Liberty Pigeon, Iran (2014).
* ADCI 2015 “The Silk Road”, getting Honorable Mention China-Italy (2015).
* Poster Project Organ Donation, Turkey (2015).
* Asia Next, Poster Experimental Design China-Taiwan (2015).
* Poster Heroes 5 “Food on the Loop” Italy (2015).
* 15th International Biennale of Theatre Poster, Poland (2015).
* ‎COW International Design Festival‎, Ukraine (2015).
*Top 10 “San Diego Latino Film Festival” U.S.A. (2016).
* Golden Bee 12, Russia (2016).
* Ecuador Poster Biennial, (2016).
* Bienal Internacional del Cartel en México, BICM, (2016).
* Nicosia, The City of Utopia, Chipre, (2017).
* Paper Beauties Orient-"Ceremony Paper, China (2017).
* Mention Silver Premio a! Diseño, Mexico (2017).

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