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Edyta Kurc

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Edyta Kurc is a creative female-type person from Poland.

She is a design maker and early bird whose day is one hour longer. 

She enjoys the little things like a morning coffee and sunny day. 

She is a huge fan of Henri Matisse's cut-outs.


When designing posters she focuses on a simple form without accumulation of unnecessary details. She uses symbols that should be known and understandable by everyone. She makes her posters to be open to discussion and broad interpretation. She is not afraid of difficult themes and tries to show them in a light, witty manner. Her posters are dialog with people around the world.



- finalist of Mut Zur Wut 2017, Germany

- finalist of 5th International Reggae Poster Contest 2017, England

- top 40 in 1st International Poster Contest in Caracas 2016, Venezuela

- 2nd place in Life Festival Oświęcim poster contest 2016, Poland

- Jury’ Special Award – Grafers International Poster Competition 2016, Turkey

- winner of Mut Zur Wut 2016, Germany

- winner of International Photography and Graphic Design Competition 2016, Poland

- finalist of Samsun Poster Competition 2016, Turkey

- finalist of 8.International Student Poster Competition "Skopjeposter" 2015, Macedonia

- CHEAP Street Poster Art Festival 2017, Italy

- PlakatFest 2017, Poland

- Nicosia: The City of Utopia | International Poster Exhibition 2017, Cyprus

- 9th Virtual Biennale Prague 2016, Czech Republic

- One Design Week 2016, Bulgary

- CHEAP Street Poster Art Festival 2016, Italy

- and more...


Personal website:

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