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12 WGD Heroes

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Scott Laserow

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Scott Laserow is a full Professor of Graphic and Interactive Design at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, in Philadelphia, PA, USA where he has taught for thirty years. His curriculum includes both traditional graphic design; branding, identities, page layout, packaging, posters, and emerging technologies; animation, augmented reality, digital publication, tablet applications, and website design and development.

For thirty-five years, Scott has brought his unique approach to graphic design in the form of print, web, interactive design, and animation. Between Scott’s client work and poster design, he has won over 100 prestigious peer-reviewed national and international awards, been featured in over 70 peer-reviewed publications, and included in over 60 peer-reviewed exhibitions in 16 countries. Since 2004, Scott has focused increasingly on posters as a design challenge and an instrument of social change. Since he started creating posters, he has been involved in many social, environmental, and political causes. Scott’s posters have appeared in numerous international publications and exhibitions, many have received international awards and are in permanent collections worldwide. Scott has also refereed and judged various international poster competitions.

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