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Board of Directors

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President Director


Veronica is an active student of Communication Design in Pradita University, pursuing a career as a graphic designer. She is the leader of a design students association in her university for the period of 2022/2023. This design students association consists of group of students that organize events and other social activities related to design and arts. She is also the founder and the leader of the Worldwide Graphic Designers Youth community which first started an exhibition in Indonesia. Worldwide Graphic Designers Youth (WGDY) is a group of young graphic designers which organize projects of poster design with social content. The participants, all young designers from all over the world, are invited to create collaboration posters, aiming the awareness, the sensitization and social reflection. Currently, the members consist of several countries: Indonesia, USA, Poland, Turkey, Ecuador, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Iran, and South Korea.

Veronica's works mostly focused in illustrations and typography posters which are mostly showcased for her university's exhibition and tasks.

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Co-president Director


Natasha is an active student, studying at Pradita University majoring in Visual Communication Design. She is the Head Committee of Manifestum 2.0: Neverland (2023), an annual exhibition held by Design Students Association of Pradita University, where this year, for the first time collaborated with a total of 10 different countries under WGDY. Neverland, an imaginary place where PeterPan and Tinkerbell lived their perfect lives as kids. The word "Neverland" was often used to describe an immortal place with no worries or where people never grow old. It also could be a place you live with all you wants, no sudden tasks or short deadlines. Neverland is the PARADISE everyone longed for. Natasha is also the co-founder of Worldwide Graphic Designers Youth (WGDY).

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