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Dawid Czajkowksi

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Born on Groundhog’s Day (Szczecin, February 2, 1985) - mgr. of Art at Academy of Art in Szczecin 2017. Defended master’s thesis 27/10/2017. Master’s thesis was published and displayed at the exhibit of best diplomas in graphic design of 2017. The author's works have been exhibited at over 50 international exhibitions, including over 10 on special personal invitations. The artist also exhibits his work at individual exhibitions. Authors copyrighted posters have been exhibited, among others, in USA, FINLAND, DUBAI, KOREA, TURKEY, ECUADOR, RUSSIA, MOLDOVIA, CHINA, HUNGARY, SPAIN, GREECE and many times in POLAND. Interested in synthesis as a form and socio-political commentary. The most important thing in his work is prompting questions and striving for their source rather than simply providing a short answer. Thanks to my involvement in academic life and artistry throughout the whole course of my studies. I had the opportunity to engage in remarkable, creative projects regionally, nationally and abroad. His ambition is to further develop in the direction of art and event organizing. For over 10 years he has been organizing events in the areas of culture and art.

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